avatar jake sully costumes what i discovered from the movie avatar

The movie Avatar is well known across the globe for the three dimensional adventure that left people wanting more. Its captivating story along with incredible artistic perfection was enough to make everyone want to jump on the next ship to a far off world. In the Alpha Centauri star system exists the moon Pandora, home to the Na’vi people. Their planet contains a rare mineral called unobtanium. Outsiders Jake Sully and Dr. Grace Augustine are out to mine it in order to make money. Arriving on the planet, Jake runs into Neytiri, a native Na’vi girl. She is forced to kill in order to save his life. Intrigued by the good omens that surround him she takes him back to her home. Her mother, Mo’at, is the spiritual leader of the Na’vi people. Mo’at decides that Neytiri should teach Jake the ways of the Na’vi. It is though this journey that Neytiri and Jake fall in love, and choose each other as their mate. Jake, finally captivated by this beautiful land, no longer wants to destroy it by mining. He must convince the RDA that they are doing more harm then good in order to save the land and the people that he has grown to love. Neytiri and Jake fight the odds in this epic journey that changes their lives for good.
Jake is truly a dynamic character, and finds his way into every heart with his gentle soul and protective nature. He is the ideal role model for anyone, and now its easy to follow in his footsteps. With this Jake Sully costume, you can step into his shoes and feel the glory for yourself. Now available all sizes from children to adults, anyone go on an adventure. This costume comes with and beige shirt that goes on top of a black shirt. To make sure that no human colored skin in showing, the arms have some blue fabric to give the look of Avatar skin. The pants are beige to go with the top. Work boots are a great accessory; they add a sense of duty and ruggedness to your costume! In order to achieve the full effect of Jake Sully’s character, you need an Avatar face. This can be achieved in two ways. Blue paint is always a good choice, it covers any skin that is showing and gives you more freedom to move. On the other hand, to achieve the delicate contours of the Avatar nose and face, a mask would give you a flawless look. Either way, you’ll be looking like Jake Sully and ready for anything!
Jake would be nothing without his mate Neytiri, her costume is a full body suit in blue with stripes from top to bottom. It comes with an apron for around your waist and gauntlet. Neytiri’s look is best achieved with face paint, but it is also important to make sure you’re hair looks like that of a jungle queen. Perfect replica wigs are available for every size.
These costumes are great for a couple on Halloween or at costume parties. Show off this brand new design and be original! You’ll be the talk of the party, and ready to save the day! No obstacles are too great when you’re an Avatar, you’ll be on the adventure of a lifetime!